Carter Enterprises has had the pleasure of having countless numbers of World Class Professionals shooting their release aids.When it comes to Professionals using wrist strap releases, Michael Braden stands out as one of their most decorated index finger release shooters. This collaboration led Carter’s design genius Jerry Carter to use Michael’s experience to collectively create the perfect index finger release, the Like Mike. The Like Mike features an ultra reliable, double sear interior for increased accuracy and repeatability while maintaining the least amount of trigger travel of any release Carter ever made. The trigger also has minimal “over travel” to eliminate any spongy feeling when fired, leaving you with a perfectly crisp feel and instant response. The trigger has a 0 to 5 pound adjustment range with the simple turn of a screw so you can tailor the trigger to the exact feel you prefer. It also features the popular open jaw design that loads quickly and silently on a d-loop.

Carter Like Mike


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