Holding your steadiest on target is built upon different steps that all work together in the end to give you your best sight picture and ability to hit the middle of the target shot after shot. In this video I go over setting up your stance, finding your natural point of aim horizontally, proper drawing of the bow, addressing uphill and downhill targets, finding the draw length and loop lengths you need to shoot your best, bow hand grip, setting the bow shoulder, using your core, back tension, shot execution, stabilizer set up, bow set up and tweaks, holding weight, cam set up, and much more! This video will truly give you a guide to holding steadier on target!


Run time is just over 48 minutes long and will give you information I've only gone over with archers I coach and will expand much deeper than what is on my normal YouTube, Tuesday's Tip of The Week videos. 

Steps to Holding Steadier on Target


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