PLUS Series Targets
We're very excited to announce the release of a new option for ALL our targets. The new PLUS series have much more stopping power, and are WAY easier to pull the arrows out.
Bulldog PLUS Series Archery Targets

This has been a few years in the making, so we're extremely excited to announce that our new PLUS series are now available. This is an optional upgrade on ALL our targets. So can get a K9 or a K9 PLUS, a Doghouse FP or a Doghouse FP PLUS and so on...

Everything about the targets as far as dimensions, and faces are the same. The BIG difference is on the inside. The PLUS series feature our new internal system that produces drastically more stopping power while being extremely easy to pull arrows from. The arrow removal is so easy in fact, that after shooting it you can basically pick up the target, turn it upside down, and the arrows will fall out.

In our experience, there is no other target that has arrow removal this easy.

The Doghouse FF - Plus Series


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