The Doghouse FP™
Lifetime Warranty Target
The First archery target in the world with a Lifetime Warranty! That's right... LIFETIME!! It will be the last target you ever buy. Measures 24"x24"x9"

The Doghouse FP™ (Field Point) is the original Bulldog target that has made us what it is today. It is tough enough to stop any bow made. Whether you are shooting a bow at 80lbs or 350fps or a youth bow at 10 or 15lbs the Doghouse FP™ will stop the arrow dead in its tracks. Arrow removal is a breeze.
The Doghouse FP™ archery target is self standing extremely light at only 25lbs. It measures out at 24' x 24' x 9 1/2'. All targets also include and ez-grip carrying handle as well.
To find out why this target made us famous get one for yourself and see what all the hype is about!
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 9.5" - 33" Across, 24lbs

The Doghouse FP - Standard


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