The DogHouse XP™  
Extra Penetration Target The Doghouse XP is the big brother to the Doghouse FP™. It measures 24"x 24"x12".

That's right... 1 FOOT of penetration! The thickest self-standing, internal frame target on the market today! Forget what every one else claims, when you want long lasting quality, this is it! If you are at all concerned about a target not stopping your arrow you have no need to worry with this bad dog! Its tough enough to stop any arrow that any bow or crossbow can throw at it.
Everybody knows that practice is important, and for those dedicate archers who want to practice as much as possible and sometimes that means in their living room. They can not take a chance of an arrow even remotely passing through, and they put their trust in the DogHouse XP™
Dimensions: 24" x 24" 12" - 33" Across, 32lbs

The DogHouse XP


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